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Prepare your House for Spring

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Spring is here and spring cleaning is in full effect. While the sun shines and the birds sing, most homeowners focus their attention on their yards, sheds, outdoor furniture, decks and barbecues.

We are sure you will find plenty of advice on these topics all over the internet, which is why we focused on several surprising items that will help protect the inside of you home, this spring.

Window and Door Seals

As the snow and frost melt away, heavy rains usher in the full force of the spring season. To protect your house from leaks, it’s important to check the seals of the windows and doors of your home. A thorough inspection on the outside of your house should include checking the caulking around the doors and window frame for deterioration.

Broken Caulking Seal Around Window
Caulking wears out over time, allowing water to enter your home.

Worn seals can allow significant amounts of moisture to enter your house. In many cases water can seep as far as the subfloor, causing permanent water damage. If left unchecked, you can end up with warped, squeaky or mouldy floors, or all three! Resealing your windows and doors should be a priority.

Resealed repaired window caulking
Resealed caulking shown between window and flashing and between flashing and brick

Water Fixtures and Pipes

Over the course of the winter sustained periods of cold weather can freeze your pipes. If this causes a pipe to burst, you’d usually know. However, if there is no obvious damage to your plumbing, we still recommend going through your house, especially the basement, to inspect your walls, floors and ceilings for any potential wet patches. These may be signs of slow leaks in your pipes.

Such leaks are extremely damaging to your floors, drywall and can potentially cause an electrical fire. If noticed, such leaks must be repaired without delay.

Make sure to also check your taps and water fixtures, as leaks can cause permanent damage to your floors, walls, ceilings and furniture.

Controlling Humidity

While the humidifier was necessary in the winter, too much humidity in the warm seasons is damaging to wood floors. Excessive humidity can case expansion and warping to the floor and subfloor. It’s normal to have a little bit of expansion in the wood, but too much can permanently loosen the fasteners in the floor, causing squeaking. Humidity can also encourage mold to grow in the internal layers of the floor.

Your home’s air conditioner naturally removes moisture from the air, which is going to help keep excessive humidity under control. Running your air conditioner is important for helping keep humidity low.

A dehumidifier is another option for those who don’t have an AC in their house. A dehumidified is specifically designed to wick away humidity from the air, keeping your house dry on humid days.

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