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You have questions? We have answers. Click each question to reveal the answer.

  • How long does the squeaky floor repair process usually take?
    Our squeaky floor repair service consists of a two step process: 1) The Assessment and 2) The Repair The Assessment: The assessment process takes between 1 to 2 hours. During this visit we diagnose the floor, measure the squeaky spots, look for hidden causes and provide you with a quote for the repair project. The Repair: The squeaky floor repair process takes between one and three days, depending on the amount squeaky spots that you have. We will work diligently with you to schedule the project for your outmost convenience. The good news is that there is minimal disruption to your home for our work to be done.
  • Do the creaks disappear completely?
    Our process and technology will guarantee a significant and measurable improvement in sound. We guarantee that most of the squeaking will disappear and the remainder will be significantly quieter. We will not rest until the floor’s volume is no longer intrusive or disruptive to you. As confident as we are in our process, we have to be careful with statements that claim “perfect” results. Please read our reviews here to learn more about our reputation.
  • Why is there a charge for the assessment and why is it so important?
    The Assessment process is arguably as important as the repair project itself. Our know-how, specialized equipment and years of experience with squeaky floors, stairs and internal floor structures are employed to help identify exactly the cause of the squeaks in your particular floor. It’s worth noting that the assessment price is included in the project price. However, when a client is only interested in an assessment of their floor, we charge for our expert’s time.
  • Is the silence permanent?
    Our squeaky floor repair is a long lasting solution to the squeaky areas that our process is applied to, and should outlast the floor itself. We warranty the agreed upon squeaky areas for a full year (materials and labour). Our process does not, however, prevent new squeaks from forming in areas outside of the silenced areas.
  • Should I silence my floor or replace it?
    Silence your existing floors if: You have heritage floors, or have floors with sentimental value Your floor is brand new but it squeaks Your house value is not as high as it could be, because a few spots of the floor squeak loudly Your lifestyle cannot accommodate major renovations at the moment, you need a quick and clean solution Allergies or health reasons do not allow you to renovate and raise dust For environmental reasons, you know that replacing your floor will create too much waste and will require a lot of new resources Noise is coming from a specific patches of the total floor
  • How do I prepare my space for the assessment and project?
    We ask that the decision makers of the household are present during the Assessment. We also ask that there is as little noise as possible during the Assessment process, in order to assure best results. Before the Repair Project the client should clear the floor surface of loose items as well as furniture that obstruct the floor surface. We also appreciate a clear path to the area of work. ​
  • Does the work impact the way my floor looks?
    Part of our process involves drilling tiny holes directly through the surface of the floor. These tiny holes are filled with matching filler at the end of the project. On wood, it’s nearly impossible to notice the result of the work done, while on carpet it is completely invisible. During the consultation we will reassure you of the final surface appearance.
  • Is there any demolition of the existing floor, whether it be hardwood, carpet, stairs, etc.?"
    No. All work will be done with existing structure and existing flooring, none of which will be removed or replaced.


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