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Locating, diagnosing and repairing squeaks in homes across the GTA since 2009.


Squeak Knights, formerly known as Silent Floor Solutions; started by Lev, our co-founder - a determined mechanical engineer, frustrated by a patch of creaky parquet floor that kept waking up his wife. Like many before him, he considered available solutions but all were temporary. A completely different approach had to be found.

 The eureka moment came in the middle of the night.  The next day, Lev employed his engineering skills to devise a comprehensive solution. The squeaks in his home were gone. He was no longer waking up his wife and the idea for a squeak silencing service was born!


We are the floor silencing experts, the pioneers and inventors of squeaky floor repair, as a service.

We continue to improve and re-invent our process with each project.

We will silence your squeaky floors and stairs, whatever it takes!  


We are dedicated to silencing your floors to provide you a comfortable living environment.  Our proprietary process works on most types of flooring and stairs. Our commitment to your happiness is our number one priority and we will never settle for less.

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