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Our Environmentally Friendly Floor Alternative

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Nothing is more sustainable than your existing floor. Here's why.

It may be fashionable to change your floor, furniture, vanities, appliances and window coverings every five to ten years. Buying new is perhaps one of consumer society’s most primal duties. More and more however, we are becoming aware of the environmental disaster that our consumption is causing. Is it time we accept our individual contribution to the problems caused by over-consumption?

We may be asking ourselves; "what is the best alternative to chasing the next fashion trend, without harming our environment?"

Some may immediately think of the latest trends in renewable material sources like bamboo and hemp and compostable materials such as biodegradable plastics. I don’t want to take away from the importance of striving for such alternatives, as they are important to invest in and develop further, since consumption is ultimately unavoidable. We can benefit greatly from the current trend in the environmentally conscious movement. I hope that the next generation of children will live and breath the responsibility they have for protecting their environment. Hopefully it will become second nature to them, the way using a smartphone has become to us.

Parquet floor tear out and eplacement

However, the true alternative to consumerism with maximum impact is to reduce consumption all-together, down to necessity alone.

If your appliances, light fixtures, dining sets, dishes, wall coverings, toilets and floors are in a functioning state, keeping them for as long as possible is your best bet for helping the environment. Especially considering how much modern products are designed for short term obsolescence, perhaps best exemplified with the design of today’s washing machines, which cost so much to repair that you are practically forced to buy a new machine. The situation with flooring isn’t too dissimilar either. Most affordable and popular flooring materials available today, such as OSB (chip board) sub-floors, laminate flooring and so called “engineered” hardwood floors are all made to last just long enough to keep until the next fashion trend.

This is precisely the reason why our clients consider our service to be the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to floor replacement. Your original hardwood floor from the last century is, more often than not, made of sturdy, high quality materials that were not designed to disintegrate within five to ten years. Heck, we’ve repaired beautiful but squeaky floors from the 1890’s! We restore and secure your existing floor, removing pesky squeaks and excessive movement, allowing you to keep your trusted floors by breathing new life into them. You’ll be filled with a sense of pride that you haven’t contributed to overflowing landfills and haven’t cut down any trees for a new hardwood floor. Best of all, you’ll know how smart of a choice it was to keep a far superior material than the new flooring being sold today.

Our passion is to help you feel more comfortable in your own home, so don’t be shy to contact us with any flooring questions you may have: - (647) 427-4260



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