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Affordable and Quick Ways to Prepare your House for Sale or Rent

1. Silence your Squeaky Floors

Cost: depends on amount of squeaky areas. Request a quote here.

This is the big one! You’ll likely be relieved to learn that you don’t need to replace your floors to get rid of the squeaks and creaks that make your home seem a lot older.

Squeaky floors can scare off potential buyers and renters - they could get suspicious and assume that the house was not built well. When searching for their next home, light sleepers and parents with young children pay close attention to noise sources that could interrupt their sleep or disturb them.

Floor silencing is an affordable and long-lasting solution for squeaky floors and stairs. Squeak Knights will silence your floors, without the need for floor removal, opening up the ceiling, or access from below. You can silence your floors without the mess or expense of replacement.

Pro Tip: For best results, when planning on refinishing your floors, make sure to silence them prior to refinishing.

2. Remove the Sources of Bad Smells

Cost: possibly free!

If there’s anything that ruins the home viewing experience, it’s definitely a nasty smell. Common culprits are sink drains, rugs in need of a wash, and cleaning supply cabinets where a damp mop might have been left. Search your home thoroughly for items that have been ruined by things like mold, mildew, dampness, smoking, and cooking smells. Even though we love them very much, pets have been known to soil the occasional rug or sofa, so it’s important to seek out those sources as well.

It’ll be up to you to decide whether the items can be salvaged with cleaning products or whether it’s simply time to replace them.

You could try your luck with oxy-based sprays for urine removal, mold removal sprays, and a variety of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar home hacks. For the most stubborn stains, smells, and damage, you could even hire professional cleaners, re-paint your walls, or rent an air purifier. If it's possible to throw away, moldy items should be discarded.

Just don't forget that cleaning products leave a smell of their own. After cleaning, air out your house thoroughly.

3. Improve your Lighting - Change Bulbs and Fixtures

Cost: under $100

Great lighting is essential for making a great first impression on potential buyers and tenants. It's important to maximize your lighting to make the space feel bright, warm, and spacious.

When an agent is providing a tour to your potential buyers or tenants, poor lighting makes their job that much harder. You want visitors to picture building their lives in this house, and it's hard to picture in a poorly lit home.

Left 5000K Bulb, Center Incandescent Bulb, Right 2700K Bulb

Another important tip is to make sure your light bulbs have a consistent colour temperature in each room, because mixing bulbs is likely to ruin your home’s pleasant atmosphere. Whether it’s a 2700k (Soft White), 3000k (Warm White), or 5000k (Daylight) bulb, these extra few dollars are bound to make a big difference.

4. Fix holes in walls and repaint

Cost: $30 and up

Use a drywall spackle and a spackle knife to fix holes where nails and wall fixtures used to be. You'll be surprised at how small imperfections like holes, dents and scratches can quickly add up to an overall impression of an untidy, worn and uninviting space. It's worth touching up these imperfections.

If repainting is required, you may need to buy new paint to match your existing wall colour, you can chip off a small piece, and take it to your nearest paint store. They can match the sample almost perfectly.

5. Clean your windows inside and out

Cost: $5

Use a simple cleaning spray to give your windows a shine and give your house a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. If your windows are located high above the ground floor and you need to access the outer side, you can use a double-sided magnetic glass cleaner, or hire a team of professionals. We don't recommend using tall ladders to do this work.

6. Clean your baseboards

Cost: Free

This part of your home sometimes gets overlooked, but it can make a very big difference for the overall appearance of a room. When the baseboards are clean, they create the illusion of a larger and cleaner space. Grab a damp cloth, spray a bit of white vinegar, and scrub!

So if you’re a homeowner preparing to sell your house, a landlord planning to give your rental property a refresh, or a tenant who wants a budget-friendly upgrade to your home - this list of affordable home fixes is for you. And again- if your home has a beautiful hardwood floor that you’d rather fix-up than replace, consider the Squeak Knights floor silencing service as a long-lasting, sustainable, and well-priced way to prepare your home for sale or rent. Book your assessment here.


Our passion is helping homeowners feel more comfortable in their own homes, so don’t be shy to contact us to book your assessment.

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